The Sectors We Serve

Continuing its activities in line with its customer satisfaction-oriented service approach and sustainable growth approach, Karaca Logistics provides services to institutions and organizations of all sizes from all sectors.

Karaca Logistics, which has constantly been raising the bar in service quality with its applications and services that keep the pulse of the sector it is in since the day it was founded, has always managed to be up-to-date and ahead with its applications.

Karaca Global Logistics, which provides its services to rapidly growing medium and small-sized companies as well as its substantial National and International customers operating in different sectors, is one of the few logistics companies that have the ability to serve especially large-scale organizations.

Karaca Logistics is a leading Logistics company that always creates difference and value with its "Boutique service" approach to its customers, which promises more than an international transportation company at every stage of foreign trade transactions.

Karaca Logistics has successfully been provided its services to a reputable customer portfolio in the sectors listed below in alphabetical order. 

  • Packaging Industry Sector
  • Electrical, Electronics and Computer Industry
  • Industrial Products Sector
  • Energy Sector
  • Home Care, Personal Care, and Hobby Products Sector
  • Food Industry Sector
  • The Ready-to-Wear Sector
  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry Sector
  • Construction and Building Materials Industry Sector
  • Communication Products Sector
  • Mining and Metal Industry Sector
  • Office Products Sector
  • Automotive and Automotive Sub-Industry Sector
  • The Retail Sector
  • Petroleum and Petroleum By-Industry Products Sector
  • Plastic and Rubber Industry Sector
  • Advertising, Traffic Safety, and Optical Products Sector
  • Health products Sector
  • Ceramic Industry Sector
  • Agriculture and Food Sector
  • Cleaning, Beauty-Perfumery-Cosmetics and Care Products Sector
  • Textile and Leather Industry Sector
  • Medical Instruments and Devices Sector
  • Transportation Products Sector