The Features That Make Us Different

Every business aims to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and be one step ahead in an intensely competitive environment, taking its different assets and capabilities into account. In order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, they want to gain a competitive advantage by sorting and implementing price, quality, diversity, and differentiation according to their priorities. 

To achieve these goals, Karaca Logistics has determined strategies and developed and successfully implemented the most appropriate approach for its structure by making internal and external environmental analyses. Among these, it has focused on the "Differential Strategy," a strategy based on the customer's perception of uniqueness in services, by revealing the different features of the service provided. 

Below are the core features that make Karaca Logistics different from the others.

  • Our experience and knowledge,
  • Our direct presence in 7 Provinces
  • Our extensive agency network,
  • Our expert staff, who undertakes behind-the-scenes operations,
  • Our understanding of boutique service and Responsibility,
  • Business model and the system where can be maintained without depending on people, where corporate information produced, it is developed and brought to the corporate memory,
  • Our technological infrastructure,
  • Our compliance with ethical principles and moral values,
  • Our ability to quickly complete transactions and solve problems,
  • Our ability to provide services in different locations,
  • Our experience in providing services to large-scale organizations,
  • Our price policy that minimizes the customer's operating cost,
  • Our accounting and finance departments that are working with the right timing.