Our HR Policy

Corporate belonging, in other words, corporate commitment, can be defined as "The employee brings his heart to work as well as his brain" or "The employee feels the corporate goals in his heart." The employee, whose sense of belonging is at the forefront, sees himself as a part of the enterprise, thinks that he can represent the institution, and acts with the responsibility of taking into account the interests of the enterprise when making decisions.

Karaca Logistics employees;

  • know that one of the most important reasons for being among the most loved and valued companies is the importance given to unconditional customer satisfaction and employee experience, 
  • they create all their work by preserving the Karaca culture and values, by examining the best practices in its own country and the world, and taking steps accordingly, 
  • pay attention plans and implements actions according to these predictions, renews and develops itself in the areas where it is lacking,
  • obeys the working hours, acts with the awareness of the responsibilities brought by its duty, 
  • establishes good dialogues with colleagues, knows the importance of solidarity,
  • thinks about what can be done for the company's further development and growth 
  • value colleagues with whom he works.

Our human resources policy is based on the principles outlined below, with the awareness that human resources are the most important factor for our company's achievement and development.

  • To select and assign qualified people to our company who are highly educated, open to innovations and changes, creative, dynamic, solution and result-oriented, aiming to improve themselves and their work, and suitable for the competency of the task,
  • Developing human resources practices to meet the managerial needs that will arise in line with the growth targets of the company from within the company,
  • To increase the existing human resources quality in the company with internal and external trainings,
  • To provide a peaceful and professional working environment where all company employees can use and develop their talents and skills both individually and professionally,
  • To provide an environment for communication and teamwork within the company,
  • Developing and implementing systems that encourage and reward success,
  • To implement a fair wage policy based on performance, by ensuring that the personnel are satisfied in the best way possible in terms of the wage system and social rights,
  • To realize all the above practices by ensuring that ethical rules and equality of opportunity are applied without exception.

Karaca Logistics, which has been drawing a constantly rising graphic with the breakthroughs it has made since the day it stepped into the sector in Turkey, innovations and quality understanding, is among the most successful companies that produce the best logistics service in the sector today. At Karaca Logistics, which clearly reveals its difference in the sector, it is believed that the success of a company depends on the satisfaction of its employees and customers.For this reason, the biggest goal of Karaca, which integrates its customer-oriented management approach with minimum conditions that will satisfy its employees, is to make all internal and external members of the family proud of the brand they carry.