Mission, Vision, and Our Values

 The effect of globalization, technological developments, changes in management understanding, customer expectations, and the existence of an intensely competitive environment have encouraged institutions to work towards providing advantages against their competitors by designing their corporate philosophies in accordance with the strategic management philosophy.

Businesses have started to see and use the mission and vision statements, which are the values ​​of the strategic management philosophy, as a structure that adds value to their businesses to eliminate the competitive environment and turn into a stable system. The vision statement, which is included in these values, has great importance as a value that shapes the future and has an important place for businesses. When its meaning is examined, it can be defined as the expression of the situation that institutions want to be in the future and  where they will see themselves. 

On the other hand, the mission is an effort to present awareness to explain what the organization exists to achieve. The mission is also essential in showing the differences of the institutions against their competitors, motivating their employees, giving an identity to the institution, and communicating with their customers.

"Absolute customer satisfaction" is the basis of Karaca Logistics' mission and vision philosophy.

Our Mission

Based on honesty and professionalism, it is to keep up with all the changes in the constantly changing and developing logistics sector to provide the fastest and most economical service to meet the expectations of all our customers with an understanding that cares about employee and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be an international leading logistics service provider that provides management services for the smooth and efficient operation of complex logistics systems in the region by synthesizing the trained human resources with constantly developing high technology based on total commitment to quality.

Our Core Values

  • We are fair, honest, disciplined, and transparent.
  • We respect beliefs and differences.
  • We based on positive thinking.
  • We are humble, tolerant, and helpful.
  • We make decisions using scientific methods and objective data.
  • We use technology effectively.
  • We are focused on customer satisfaction.
  • We believe in teamwork.
  • We consider our customers and human resources as our most valuable assets.
  • We aim for continuous improvement and development by setting goals.
  • We use time and opportunities correctly and effectively and avoid waste.
  • We comply with legal and ethical rules.
  • We are sensitive to the environment and society,
  • We strive to be beneficial to our country and humanity.