Our Ethical Principles

Ethical Principles are the ability of a person to act in accordance with the trust and expectation of the society, with the limits set by the laws. If the subject is the working environment; It is the set of principles that regulate the relations of company employees among themselves and with the society and constitute the internal behavior culture of the company. It was established to increase the efficiency of the company in terms of increasing the service quality, efficient use of resources, preventing unfair competition and regulating relations with employees.

All ethical rules and working principles for employees of companies of Karaca are specified below. All employees are expected to comply with these ethical principles.

All Karaca Managers and Employees; are honest, respectful to people and human rights,  patient and understanding, fair, sharing, reliable, transparent and accountable, diligent and courageous. 

They observe the public interest, obey the laws and rules. They are not unaffected by language, religion, race, gender, political differences.

They should be people who are not affected by their differences, who use their powers appropriately and correctly, who do their job correctly and lovingly, who take ownership, who strive to improve themselves, who listen to complaints and suggestions, who value others.

Delivery of the requested information and documents to the necessary units in a complete and timely manner, the conclusion of transactions as soon as possible, elimination of the error rate in work done, non-use of duties and powers for benefit, impartial, fair, equal treatment of employees, lack of discrimination, respect for rights and freedoms, the work done is always accountable and auditable, Protection of Karaca Logistics's interests, notification of violation of rules to authorized managers, being treated the staff within the limitations of courtesy and respect, emphasis on the reward system, increasing social activities for employees, the announcement of ethical regulations are the basis of Ethical Rules and Working Principles of Karaca Logistics.

Regarding the Sector; Meticulous attention is paid to the development of the logistics sector in Turkey to observe the common interests and ensure the continuity of trust in the industry. When competing with competitors, honest and fair behavior is followed, and laws are obeyed.

Regarding Legislation; In all activities, compliance with national legislation to which we are subject, especially the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, and with all international agreements and regulations to which the Republic of Turkey is a party is ensured.

Regarding Corporate Governance Principles; In all services and transactions, information is provided to the parties in an understandable, correct, precise, timely, and complete manner. Corporate governance principles are meticulously complied with.

Related to Conflicts of Interest;  During their duties, employees take care to protect the benefit of the company and avoid any actions and behaviors that may mean providing benefits to them or their relatives. Karaca Logistics employee who has confidential information is forbidden to enter into close relations with people or organizations that will benefit from the personal data. No employee may  enter into competition with the Company. All kinds of measures are taken to prevent conflicts of interest. Our managers and employees are equipped with awareness, rules, and practices to avoid conflicts of interest.

Regarding Social Responsibility and the Environment;  All activities are carried out by social benefits and respect for the environment.

Regarding the Protection and Proper Use of the Company's assets; Karaca Logistics employees protect their company assets and use them efficiently and only for business purposes. 

Regarding information security;  Information is one of our most critical asset categories. Karaca Logistics employees attach importance to information security, do not share private commercial information belonging to our customers, and do not allow it to be shared.  To ensure that these information assets are protected with sensitivity, all our employees are obliged to act by Karaca Logistics Information Security policies and procedures.

Regarding the Principles of Disclosure; All interviews are conducted within the "Information Policy" framework. Except for the departments assigned to the task, no employee may make oral or written statements on behalf of Karaca Logistics.