General Information

When founded until today, by showing rapid development with the goals it sets and its performance, Karaca Logistics, which has turned into a comprehensive logistics service company, is recognized as one of the pioneers' companies by foreign trade companies that want to get boutique service. 

Karaca Logistics, which is based on operational excellence always at the highest level and offering services to companies from all sectors and sizes with its flexible and adaptable structure, can form its services according to the demands of its customers with complete logistic solutions.

Karaca Logistics offers valuable customers high-quality and cost-effective integrated logistics solutions with its experienced and qualified staff accumulated through the years.

With such a development of technology, global integration has also brought global markets and global competition. This evolution parallels the rapid technological developments since Karaca Logistics has established by adopting a management approach that focuses on the philosophy of unconditional customer satisfaction without compromising quality and Logistics strategic targets.

Karaca Logistics realizes the "global integration" strategic objective step by step and provides customers with a "one-stop shopping" service.

Karaca Logistics has provided the best logistics solutions for customers by developing and implementing innovative management styles.

Karaca Logistics is certified by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of transportation and infrastructure with  TIO (Transportation Works Organizers) certificate granted to companies in the field of international transport and logistics authorizing to conduct business, 
besides, the company has provided all the requirements established by the regulation on air cargo transportation and obtained 'Transportation Works Organizers' granted to airline enterprises by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation to deliver cargo and mail as an approved authorized agent.

Karaca Logistics, whose headquarters is located in the World Trade Center Istanbul, EGS Business Park Blocks, one of the leading business centers in Istanbul; It provides direct service from 7 provinces with its professional team and liaison offices in Istanbul (Anatolian) side, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Kocaeli (Izmit) and Mersin.

Karaca Logistics is certified for; 

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System,
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System,
  • ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Management System,
  • OHSAS 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and 
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificates and has declared and committed to comply with its requirements under all conditions and to continue and improve these conditions and systems.

With agents in every part of the world offering all customers a global reach with a local touch, experienced and motivated team of executives and successful international and domestic road transport, air, sea, and rail transportation, customs transactions; storage management, purchase order management; global supply chain logistics services with a high level of reliability of all of its customers in international supply chain management services, Karaca Logistics 
also invests heavily in developing its own IT (Information Technology), computer (software and hardware), and communication systems to ensure that its customers benefit from the most reliable global supply chain management services in this process.

Today, the slogan "Be the most reliable Lojistik partner for customers" is valuable for every Karaca Logistics employee. The urgent fulfillment of all the supply chain-related demands of its customers and the determination of policies to minimize their costs are of primary priority. Approaching its clients as its most valuable business partners, accumulated their smiles among its most precious memories. There is a long-term shared and constantly developing relationship based on mutual trust and an inseparable bond between Karaca Logistics and its customers with the primary goal of growing together with them.