Intermodal Transportation
Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal freight transport, also known as combined transport, is the transportation of cargo without handling, using more than one mode of transport  in an intermodal container or vehicle, and delivery to its destination. In other words, it is a mode of transportation that is carried out using two or more modes of transportation (road, railway, seaway, airway) and in which the loads in the vehicle are not subjected to any handling. With this method, while the safety of the cargo increases in transportation, its damage and losses are reduced, and the shipment is delivered to the final destination faster. As a leading freight forwarder with a global network, Karaca Logistics manages all operation processes related to intermodal transportation with optimum cost and perfect business processes with its unrivaled end-to-end transportation solutions. 

Karaca Logistics provides its customers with end-to-end delivery convenience without dealing with multiple suppliers and enables them to experience the competitive advantages of the supply chain in every aspect.

Moving mainly from Turkey by rail and Ro-Ro, Karaca Logistics uses different modes of transportation during the delivery stages after reaching the destination country within the scope of intermodal transportation services and delivers the cargo to the final delivery point by rail or road.

Keeping up with the "Just in Time" production approach with its intermodal operations, reaching its targets close to 100% in fixed transit times, Karaca Logistics plans route and logistics scenarios by evaluating the climate and geographical conditions with its expert teams,  By managing the low-cost operation process, it instantly monitors all functions from the stage of unloading the cargo at the ports to the transfer to the local drivers in the target country, and informs its customers.

Karaca Logistics, with its successful intermodal transportation services, enables its customers to reduce their costs significantly and offers them the most economical and environmentally friendly solution with optimum transportation times.

The models we use are generally as follows;

  • Highway + RO-RO + Railroad
  • Highway + Railroad

The final destination of the cargo, its urgency, seasonal and economic factors emerge as important factors in determining the model used in intermodal transport mode.

The advantages of the intermodal transport method are expressed with an example below.

When a conventional road transport from Istanbul to Hamburg is arranged, the distance is approximately 2500 km. The road used in the intermodal method for the same route is only 150 km. As a result, with this mode of transportation, our customers' fuel consumption and carbon emissions are significantly reduced.